MP Yasmin Qureshi has come out in support of the Save Debt Advice campaign.

The MP for Bolton South East has issued a response to Cllr Kevin Peel’s open letter, which he addressed to Bolton and Bury MPs last week.

The letter highlighted the government’s plans to reduce funding for debt advice services, with a particular focus on cutting face-to-face meetings by more than 50 per cent.

Demand for services is on the increase, as food and fuel prices are on the rise, while salaries are not.

Ms Qureshi said: “On the ground debt advice is vitally important. The support provided by Citizen’s Advice throughout the pandemic was vital in helping so many of my constituents navigate those difficult times and get control of their debt.

“Those services were already stretched through 10 years of Conservative austerity and these further cuts will do immeasurable damage to the ability of my constituents to access support to get them through difficult times.

“With the escalating cost of fuel bills, inflation and a looming cost of living crisis, properly funded free debt advice will only be more in demand, to cut it is an act of vandalism.”