A CORONER has heard that the death of a woman in hospital after leg amputation treatment was "non-suspicious."

An inquest that opened at Bolton Coroners Court on Wednesday January 12 heard how Kathleen Turner-Siggens, 73 of Astley, had suffered from chronic lower leg wounds and was admitted to hospital for below the knee amputation on December 3.

Ms Turner-Siggens died at Royal Bolton Hospital on January 2 with coroner Timothy Brennand ruling that a full inquest will be held into her death later this year.

He said: "There may be complex medical opinion as to the cause of death which could raise a number of related matters."

Police coroners officer Julie-Ann Hyde told the court how Ms Turner-Siggens' body was formally identified by police on January 10 and that her family had agreed for a cause of death report to be held into her death as opposed to a postmortem as the circumstances were regarded as "non-suspicious."

The report determined the cause of death to be frailly, immobility and chronic wounds requiring surgical amputation.

Mr Brennand ruled that a full inquest into Ms Turner-Siggens' death will be held on Friday June 17 and that he will require statements from her GP and hospital.

The evidence will be reviewed on March 12.