A HEARTBROKEN father who could not see his desperately ill daughter in hospital because of lockdown restrictions has called on the Prime Minister to resign.

Dave Scowcroft's 'bright and bubbly' daughter died at the age of just 25 when the country was subject to lockdown restrictions.

He has been left angered by revelations that a gathering was held at Downing Street, allegedly in breach of lockdown restrictions.

Mr Scowcroft's daughter, Rachel was diagnosed with a incredibly rare" brain stem tumour. She died on October 2, last year just 10 months after the devastating diagnosis.


Dad and daughter

Dad and daughter


The former Canon Slade pupil, who lived with her family in Breightmet, spent the majority of those 10 months in hospital.

Before the pandemic, many of Rachel’s friends and family members could visit and support her quite frequently, but when lockdown restrictions were imposed in March 2020 only one slot per day was available for visits and they were limited to just one person.

Rachel’s parents and fiancé Adam Wilson shared and rotated visitation, but had to tell her friends and relatives that they were no longer able to see her.

After five-and-a-half months in hospital, Rachel was allowed to come home, only to discover that she had contracted Covid, and just three days later she was back in hospital, this time on an isolation ward ­— and was not allowed visitors.

Mr Scowcroft said: “Ten days without any visitors. She was deaf and couldn’t speak so we couldn’t even ring her or speak to her on the iPad ­— 10 days with no contact with anyone she loved or who loved her."

Rachel had to remain in hospital as the tumour began to increase again.

The family were invited to move into the hospital with her, but this meant that they would be unable to leave.

While arrangements were being made, staff at the hospital explained to the family that Rachel was becoming less and less responsive and warned that she could be approaching the end of her life.

“The staff were great, they gave her amazing care, but she had no loved ones around her. She was giving up,” Mr Scowcroft said.

Rachel died at home on October 2.

Mr Scowcroft said: “We couldn’t have a proper funeral and we could only have 30 people to the wake to celebrate her life. Rachel was a popular girl. There would have been hundreds there.

“Imagine having to tell her friends and they couldn’t come and deciding which members of the family were allowed to be there.”

The family say they were following the rules to the letter ­— even though they needed each other more than ever.

“We couldn’t see her," said Mr Scowcroft, "Between October and Christmas, we saw her twice in a car park. We were doing our bit, following the restrictions, and to find out that they were having a party, or a series of parties – it’s infuriating."


Boris Johnson apologises in front of the House of Commons (photo: PA)

Boris Johnson apologises in front of the House of Commons (photo: PA)


He said he was particularly offended by the Prime Minister’s recent press conference when he met questions about the party with laughter.

Mr Scowcroft said: “Stop taking things as a joke. He was laughing the other day. It is anything but a joke."

He added: “I just think it’s absolutely outrageous. We’ve got a Prime Minister that makes the rules who then disregards those rules despite the situation.

“I see his position as totally and utterly untenable. How can the country have respect for a Prime Minister who lies like him? It’s time to resign.

“We need someone else who can lead this country with dignity.”