LONG established Bolton town centre convenience store Heron Foods, is set to close its doors for good.

Store manager Stephen Bailey - who has worked at Heron Foods for five years, and at the Newport Street store for seven months - said the announcement came as a shock.

Mr Bailey said that two members of staff have been made redundant, whilst the rest have been asked to relocate to another store.

He hopes that he will eventually be asked to move to the Tonge Moor store, which is much closer to him.

The Bolton News: Heron Foods in Bolton Town Centre to closeHeron Foods in Bolton Town Centre to close

Mr Bailey said: “We have been a strong team for months, and this came as a surprise.

“I thought we would be asked to move the store somewhere else.

“But I have been asked to move to the Blackburn store, which takes a while to get to from where I am.

“I think it will hit home when we finally close down on Saturday.

“It’s all about the customers though who we have built strong relationships and friendships with.”

Supervisor Sonia Blackburn, who has worked at the store for two years, added: “We want it to stay open, and I did shed a tear yesterday.

“It’s all about the friendships we will miss.

“A lot of people are really disappointed.”

Sonia has been asked to relocate to Tyldesley, and she says she loves her job.

The decision has been made to permanently close the store on Saturday, lunch time, which also came as a huge disappointment to those who shop there.

One shopper told The Bolton News: “It’s such a shame because I come in all the time.

“It’s really handy and accessible for me travelling on foot.

“I am also sad for the workers who will have to travel so far now, but they do love their jobs.

“We used to have the best town in the North West, but there are so many shops closing.”

The nearest store will now be on Tonge Moor Road.