MOTORISTS and residents are being warned of works on two busy roads in Horwich, which are both being resurfaced.

Both Gloucester Avenue and Telford Street are undergoing work this week, which will restrict access.

Bolton Council issued letters to warn residents of the works taking place.

The carriageway patching on Telford Street started on Monday, while work started on Wednesday in Gloucester Avenue.

Access to properties will be maintained, however there will be times when access will be restricted, so residents are asked to keep the road clear of cars during the working day.

Cllr Marie Brady said: “The roadworks are very welcome and what is needed in these areas.

“They were in quite a poor state, so I am pleased that they are being resurfaced, especially as Telford Street is also a bus route.

“People have been driving over potholes so they need this to be sorted. We have had many complaints over the state of repair and I live here so I am aware of them myself.”

Waste or recycling bins can be taken to either side of the roadworks so that they can still be collected.

A statement by the council reads: “The council would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to local residents and road users, but every effort will be made to keep this to a minimum.

“Your patience would be appreciated during this time.”

The council is asking residents to remain vigilant during the roadworks period and advise against trying to enter the working area, with particular regard to children.

Cllr Brady added: “Telford Street has deteriorated over the years, as has Gloucester Avenue.

“They will do half of the carriageway at a time so there is space to park cars on the other side if anyone is worried about parking.

“Residents always have to allow access to homes so that isn’t a worry.”

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