A VENUE that runs innovate theatrical learning sessions for babies which launched during lockdown is set to open two new branches.

Baby Gaga, an independent venue which hosts singing, speech and sensory classes for newborn babies and their parents, is currently based on Bolton Street, Ramsbottom.

Now, founder and owner Rachael Setareh plans to open a new venue on Dunscar Business Park, on Blackburn Road, Egerton.

Ms Setareh said: "We've still got our branch in Ramsbottom and since that opened we've just grown and grown.

"Now with the new premises in Egerton we'll be able to let in twice as many babies, so its gone kind of crazy."

Launching the original venue during lockdown proved to be a challenge, but proved to pay off when Baby Gaga ended up hosting 57 classes a week with hundreds of babies, toddlers and parents coming through the doors to take part.

Classes range from newborns to four-year-olds at the Ramsbottom site, with the new Egerton venue promising to prove just as accommodating.

Ms Setareh said: "We're all fully trained theatre performers and actors and we're trained teachers as well so all our classes involve live performances in some way."

She added: "Every week has a brand new theme depending on where we are in the year, so we've had Pride Week, Remembrance Week and lots of exciting themes to match the time of year, annual holidays and events" 

Ms Setareh explained that classes at the sites will create immersive theatre experiences for babies and toddlers which will help to build up their speech and language skills.

The Baby Gaga CEO is also planning to take her performances on the road with a tour of nurseries around the country.

The new venue is now getting ready to open on January 31.

Another new venue is set to follow later this year with Ms Setareh looking at potential sites in the Worsley and Walkden areas.