PEOPLE in Bolton and Bury are 'understandably angry and upset' about the Westminster party revelations, a cabinet minister has admitted whilst visiting the area.

Speaking exclusively to The Bolton News, Michael Gove said people are owed the truth and he is glad the investigation is underway into the parties which took place during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Mr Gove said: "I know that the North West in general, but Bury and Bolton in particular, have had to endure a lot during the Covid pandemic and the nature of the lockdown and the lengths and severity of it was incredibly difficult for individuals.

"Then I think when people look at some of the allegations and some of the events that have been going on, they will feel understandably angry and upset.

"I think we owe people the full truth and that's why I'm glad that there is an investigation going on and when that's concluded, people will have a chance to apologise and take responsibility."

The two Greater Manchester boroughs were put under some of the toughest restrictions throughout 2020, with cases rising week on week higher than the rest of the country.

As such Mr Gove acknowledged while visiting Gigg Lane, the home of Bury FC, that anger would be particularly acute to communities that were hardest hit by the crisis.

This comes amid wide spread anger across the country with Prime Minister Boris Johnson facing calls for his resignation.

In a tweet, Conservative MP for Bury South, Christian Wakefield said that he "could not defend the indefensible" and "responsibility and decency comes from the top."

But Mr Gove also wished to take the opportunity of visiting the home of the historic football club to emphasise the government's levelling up funding programme, which he claims will spread prosperity throughout the country, particularly deprived areas of the North of England.

Mr Johnson who had originally intended to attend the event in Bury before cancelling due to a family members Covid infection, has said "earlier misjudgements have been made and its right people apologise."