POLICE were called to Leigh bus station following reports of youths 'bus surfing at the interchange.

Officers were also told that staff were being abused by young people.

Officers from the Specialist Operations GMP Transport Unit attended the station on Monday night, January 17, following incidents.

A group of youths aged between 12 and 14 are said to have fled the area upon the arrival of officers.

In a statement, police in Leigh said: "This behaviour absolutely will not be tolerated and once identified the offenders will be arrested and put before the courts.

"We work closely with GM TravelSafe to identify perpetrators and remove any travel concessions as well.

"A group of 12 to 14-year-olds has already been dispersed on sighting officers arrive

"Parents. Do you know where your children are? They are your responsibility. Will the next phone call be from us requiring you to attend a custody suite?"