TWO new apps are looking to rival the likes of Just Eat and Uber Eats, but focussing only in Bolton.

Local Takeways Bolton is run by Haroon and Zak Aslam , who have so far gathered around 40 different takeaways onto an app solely based in Bolton, where people can order from local places for less money and with less charge to the businesses, supporting them out of the pandemic.

The app goes live on Saturday, with all kinds of food places such as Whippy Wonders, Empire restaurant, and Clout Chicken.

There is even something for the diet watchers with the Avocado Health Bar in Horwich and all kinds of different cuisine as well as cocktails delivered locally.

Haroon and Zak are even looking to get independent home bakers onto the app.

Zak said: “We save people and the businesses a lot of money because we charge less commission than apps like Just Eat, who charge 14% and Uber Eats, who charge 32%.

“We charge just seven percent, so we are giving them a whole lot more than usual, because we have invested a lot of money.

“A lot of business came on board because of the lower costs and our aim is to target 150 after we’ve been running for a year.”

Zak also runs Whippy Wonders, a mobile dessert parlour often parked up outside Bolton Wanderers FC, although they can deliver too and are on the app.

On Saturday, all restaurants and takeaways on the new app will discount at a minimum of 10 percent off with further discounts on others.

An app already running in Bolton is Bolton Eats, run by Chris Warburton.

Bolton Eats offers 7.5 percent to the eateries featured and has over 73 eateries online, including Carrs Pasties, Pretzel & Spelt, Lemon Tree, and Caribmed.

Chris said: “We are part of the fastest growing franchise group, and originally started in Barrow.

“As well as saving as much money as possible for the local businesses and customers, we also donate to food banks.

“We want to give back to the community the way it supports us.

“You go on apps like Just Eat and they charge up to 20 percent commission, they’re just interested in grabbing money off you and do nothing locally.”

Bolton Eats has been running since July and want to bring food closer to home and take money off the big corporations.

They will also be offering discounts in January with 30% off orders in celebration of their growth.

Both companies are also making a difference in the community with food bank donations.