IF you’re heading out for a vaccine - here’s where you can find them for the next week.

The vaccination buses require no appointments and allow anyone over 16 to get their Pfizer doses and boosters, if eligible in Ashburner Street, Bolton, from 10am-4pm.

Stonehill Medical Centre is operating from Wednesday, January 26 from 1pm-4.45pm for vaccines and no appointment is needed.

Appointments are available from Kearsley Medical Centre and Farnworth Medical Centre on January 26.

You can find more bus vaccination centres here: - Saturday, Jan 22 - ASDA Farnworth from 10am-4pm.

- Jan 22 - Peter House Surgery, 10am-4pm.

- Jan 23 and 30 - Avondale Health Centre.

Dr Helen Wall said: “If you’ve had Covid, please don’t out of getting vaccinated.

“Having your booster jab still offers the best protection against this Omicron variant and it is never too late to get any dose of the vaccine to protect yourself and those around you.”

Other vaccination sites - - Jan 22-29, The Manor House, 9am-5pm.

- Jan 24-29, Market Place Shopping Centre, 8.30am-5pm.

- Jan 25-26, Waters Meeting Centre, 3pm-6pm.

- Jan 25-29, Nautica House. Check times online.

- Jan 24-30, Horwich RMI. Check times online.

- Jan 26-30, Hootons at BWFC, 9am-3pm, 8.15am-1pm.