HOUSING officials are warning residents to remain vigilant after a bogus caller claimed to be from the council to gain entry to a tenant's home in Bolton.

Staff at Bolton at Home are warning residents to 'always check a visitor is who they say they are' after a woman has been seen knocking on homes in Bolton claiming to be from the council needing to inspect tenant's homes.

Company bosses have shared a description of the bogus caller, describing them as a woman in her mid to late 20s, claiming to be from the council, while trying to inspect a tenant’s home on Bankfield Street in Deane without an appointment.

She was unwilling to provide ID or give her name to the resident.

The woman also repeatedly tried to enter the property despite the tenant having no need for an inspection.

A Bolton at Home spokesman said: "Please be alert to dodgy doorstep behaviour and pass on to your loved ones as appropriate.

"Always check that a visitor is who they say they are before you let them into your home.

"For the vast majority of our visits to your homes, you’ll know to expect us.

"There can be some urgent and specific situations when we need to visit tenants unexpectedly, but in all cases we’ll be wearing ID.

"Our staff won’t be offended if you want to carry out an extra check before you let them in.

"We want you to be confident we are who we say we are and understand the reason for our visit."

The police are aware of the suspicious activity. If you’re unsure a visitor really works for Bolton at Home, you can phone 01204 328000.

If you suspect a bogus caller, possibly claiming to be from Bolton at Home or Bolton Council, you can report it by calling 01204 328008 or email safeguarding@boltonathome.org.uk