SEVERAL good causes across the borough are set to receive a welcome dividend from the Co-op.

Eighteen community and charitable groups will benefit from grants under the trading giant's Local Community Fund.

The beneficiaries will include Fortalice, Daisy Hill Preschool and Bolton Rugby Club and is the latest in a series of handouts.

More than £267,000 has been distributed to Bolton organisations since 2016.

Research by the Co-op has found that nearly two-thirds of charities are expecting to take an income hit over the next year as living costs rise.

A third are expecting to generate less revenue from fundraising and donations over the next 12 months.

Rebecca Birkbeck, the Co-op's community and membership director, said: "We know that this year is going to be another incredibly challenging year for local causes and communities.

"With the cost of living rising dramatically already this year, charities are likely to bear the brunt of people being more conscious about their spending.

“At the Co-op we work hard to bring people together to ‘co-operate for a fairer world’. Our members focus their support on mental wellbeing, access to food and providing opportunities for young people, because we know all of these make a huge contribution to fairer, more resilient and happier communities.

"We are delighted to welcome a new round of causes to our Local Community Fund, providing much needed support for people in their local communities and making the world a fairer place.”

Last November it was announced that £33,989 was being handed out, again to 18 different good causes.