THE Jason Kenny Centre is to be updated to reflect his achievements and title, The Bolton News can reveal.

Kenny’s career has certainly helped shine a light on Bolton and its sporting prowess through the years, a debt that has been repaid by the borough.

In 2012 it was announced that £30.6m Bolton One complex would be renamed the Jason Kenny Centre, which fittingly provides the community with health, fitness and leisure facilities.

Cllr Martyn Cox, leader of Bolton Council, said: “I feel that we have honoured Jason in the right way by naming sports facilities after him and awarding him freedom of the borough which is the highest honour that the borough can give to somebody.”

Sir Jason’s record-breaking seventh Olympic gold in Tokyo and his recent knighthood might have been celebrated throughout the nation, but as yet the centre named in his honour does not reflect either fact.

Cllr Cox confirmed that plans are now in place to add ‘Sir’ to the signage at the centre as well as updating the information on display there to acknowledge Kenny as being out on his own as Britain’s most successful Olympian, not co-owning that accolade as is currently stated.

“Given the number of medals he was winning it might have been prudent to wait until he retired,” Cllr Cox said.

Sir Jason is no stranger to celebrations in his honour, and Bolton has turned out in force to show the love on more than one occasion.

London 2012 was a joyous occasion nationwide. Olympic heroes were welcomed back to their hometowns around the country and Kenny was no exception, with more than 6,000 fans gathered outside Bolton Town Hall to show their appreciation and affection for their local hero.

Young and old lined the streets waving union and gold flags and cheering and chanting Kenny’s name. He was 24 at the time.

Many of those in attendance spoke of pride and inspiration, with Kenny’s golden exploits helping to spread the Olympic fever and encouraging people to become more active and give sports like cycling a go.

Following that, after the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, Kenny and wife Laura came to town to partake in Christmas celebrations, having the prestigious honour of switching on the Christmas lights.