A COUNCILLOR says community bin hoops across the borough have been a huge success so far at tackling recycling issues.

Cllr Tracey Wilkinson, a Farnworth and Kearsley First councillor, said the community bin hoops in Kearsley have been a success and she would love to see an increase.

She said: “The community bin hoops have been a huge success in keeping our streets clean and tidy from litter, across the Bolton borough and particularly in Kearsley.

“Not only to tackle issues of litter in hot spot areas but discarded dog waste bags, which has been a big issues in some areas.

“Recently one of the hoops was installed in Kearsley to help tackle issues with discarded dog poo bags and it’s been a huge success.

“I would love to see an increase of these community bins in the Kearsley ward area but we rely on residents volunteering to replace them regularly.

“Do you know an ideal location for a community bin? and would you be willing to take responsibility for changing the bags regularly?

“Anyone interested in being involved can contact me by e-mail tracey.wilkinson@bolton.gov.uk and we can submit the location forward for consideration.

“All bins must have named persons responsible for the bin before installation.”

Kearsley isn’t the only area of Bolton where community bin hoops are situated, there are currently 173 such bins around the borough.

The bin hoops are spread across Bolton in a bid to prevent flytipping and to increase the amount of residents who recycle their rubbish whilst in the area.

Other places where community bin hoops can be found are Little Lever, Burden, Astley Bridge, Plodder Lane, Horwich and more.

If you would like to have a community bin hoop in your area, residents are advised to contact their ward councillors and councillors can then submit the location to the council for consideration.