TREES ripped up in the recent storms were still strewn across a park blocking paths more than a week after having fallen.

The damage was done after Bolton was battered by Storms Desmond, Eunice, Franklin, and Gladys over the last month, which caused huge disruption across the region.

On Farnworth Park this resulted in two trees being uprooted and blown across the grass and paths which, according to a resident were still there 10 days later, despite his attempts to raise the issue..

Alan Tyrer said: "One is blocking two paths and the other is on the grass. It seems to me that Farnworth is once again last on the list for anything being sorted.

"I recently visited Queen’s Park and the difference between that park and Farnworth is like chalk and cheese.

"The Bolton park is neat and tidy, all the paths are clean."

The storms caused damage all across the borough, with uprooted trees reported on major roads like Mansell Way on the way to the Beehive Roundabout.

Travel services were also disrupted with delays to bus and train lines, many of which were cancelled entirely.

But Mr Tyrer says he is particularly concerned that the time taken to clear up the damage in Farnworth, claiming that the town is much lower down on the council's priorities.

He said: "In Farnworth the autumn leaves are still on the paths, every drain is blocked, and other than one guy who picks up litter you never see a council worker."

But officials at Bolton Council says they had to first focus on clearing crucial roadways in the aftermath of the storms and that officers will work their way across the borough to clear up the remaining debris.

Contractors have also been deployed to help clear up trees left across public footpaths.

A Bolton Council spokesman said: "Our contractors are working through the backlog of tree works arising from the recent storms. With more than 60 incidents, we have had to prioritise clearing roads of fallen trees.

"We aim to have these sites cleared up as soon as possible."