THE latest burglar to be locked up has provoked calls for a wider crackdown in an area plagued by break-ins over recent months.

This comes after the jailing this week of burglar Liam Chalmers who had targeted a house on Pear Tree Drive, Farnworth on March 25 last year.

That same evening, police had been dealing with attempted break-ins at two other properties. While in November last year two Farnworth businesses, Kinners Jewellers on Brackley Street and Balti House on Lower Market Street, were also targeted by burglaries.

Responding to the jailing of Chalmers, Cllr Sue Haworth said: “Two attempted break-ins at Lancaster Avenue last year are in the news today as a court case describes other burglaries in Farnworth the culprits are facing the law over.

“In the whole area, fencing and access points need to be as crime prevention proof as possible and neighbours are working together on this where properties are privately owned.

“Landlords at other properties have responsibility for some of the crime prevention matters.

“There have been other burglaries, thefts and attempted thefts in our area since last year.”

The Bolton News:

Liam Chalmers was jailed for burglary this week

Chalmers, 32 of Dunbar Drive, Great Lever, was jailed for two years by Bolton Crown Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to burglary.

But Cllr Haworth believes the problem is bigger than an individual.

The business targeted in separate incidents in November last year has already spoken out about their concerns.

Speaking after being burgled a spokesperson for Kinners Jewellery claimed that a business was broken into “every single night” in the area and that businesses could be deterred from setting up in the area as a result.

They said: "Every time you turn up to work in the morning you hear someone else has been broken into.”

This was raised at a full meeting of Bolton Council later that month in which members heard how

Speaking during the meeting, cabinet member for community safety Cllr Mudasir Dean said: “The rise in burglaries and vandalism is a real concern.

“There are also other areas in Bolton facing similar issues but I will look at those specific concerns for Farnworth.”