A Peace Prayer Vigil will be taking place next Saturday for the community to come together to pray for peace, kindness, reconciliation, and compassion for the victims of Ukraine and their families.

With the tragic and devastating impact of the Russian invasion on Ukraine,  The Swaminarayan Mandir, Deane Road, Bolton, has organised a community Peace Prayer Vigil on March 19 at 3.00pm. 

A spokesperson for The Swaminarayan Mandir, said: "Many of us would never have seen such sheer devastation of homes, buildings and desperate plight of innocent people in today's world.

"Such inhumane brutality has displaced over 2.5 million people with the suffering of elderly, young children and families torn apart by separation from loved ones, and the sacrifices are beyond words can describe.

"Yet despite such tragic sufferings, we all know there is a lot of good which we are witnessing once again in this awful crisis.

"Through this gesture of Peace Prayer Vigil, we hope to come together as a community to enhance such goodness in all people and to pray for peace, kindness, reconciliation, and compassion for the victims and their families."

Representatives from the local Ukrainian community and the Mayor of Bolton will be attending.

There will also be a truckload of 26 pallets filled with essential items that will be leaving from the Mandir with four local volunteers travelling to Warsaw in Poland on March 15.