A WALKING group in Bolton is encouraging those wanting to ramble ‘at a leisurely pace’ to come along for an ‘easy walk’.

Bolton Holiday Fellowship Club (BHFC), is providing people the chance to explore scenic views in the local countryside and farms, in Hawkshaw and Edgworth, which will take approximately two-to-three` hours.

Families are welcome to bring their children along, but they request that people don’t bring their dogs along.

Walkers are asked to wear sturdy footwear, due to the length of the walk, and likelihood of it being muddy in places.

There will also be a chance to rest for 15 minutes for a drink and snacks.

BHFC’s walks across the different local areas, are expected to take place monthly.

Anyone is welcome to come along, and there is no need to book ahead, even if the weather isn’t the best.

The walk will take place on Saturday, March 19 at 1pm, at the park on the junction of Bolton Road and Hawkshaw Lane.

BHFC held a special luncheon to mark its 100th anniversary in January, during which it looked back at its rich history.

Club secretary and publicist, Elizabeth Burns, has been a member for seven years.

She said that one of the reasons the club has been so successful is because it “bands people together, and there is something for everybody”.

Elizabeth said: “I think the thing that keeps me going on the clubs’ rambles is the fact that it combines physical and mental wellbeing, through fresh air, social interaction, and physical exertion.

“I am sure these three things have sustained the club over the years.”