Youngsters across Bolton will be learning about the impact of knife crime during virtual reality workshops.

Round Midnight are a creative arts company that specialises in drama and tech in education and will be delivering workshops across 20 schools and youth clubs in Bolton over the next three weeks.

It comes after Bolton Council and police work to tackle knife crime in Bolton following a number of tragedies, including the murder of Reece Tansey last year.

The Virtual_Decisions: KNIVES workshop focuses on the impacts of knife crime by taking students through a virtual reality experience, by wearing a special headset where they are placed in in real world scenarios and will have to make decisions and find out the consequences of these decisions.

Round Midnight’s Development Manager Sami Cornick said: “Virtual_Decisions is a choose your own path virtual reality experience.

“It focusses on knife crime and why young people might carry a weapon and the consequences of this.

“The choose your own path format means every young person has their own individual experience where they have to make decisions.

“Each decision impacts how the story plays out, similar to a choose your own adventure.

“As soon the headsets come off, for the rest of the workshop we discuss what decisions they made and how that make impact them in real life and the ripple effect there could be in the community and on victims’ families.”

This comes with youth leaders, police and civic leaders across Bolton aiming to tackle knife crime following recent high profile  tragedies.

The Round Midnight team started their three-week tour yesterday, starting at Clarendon Primary School and King’s Leadership Academy and are also going into youth clubs

They aim to educate pupils by providing them with a safe environment to practice challenging situations.

Ms Cornick said: “They’re in a very safe, non-judgemental environmental. We encourage them to be absolutely honest with us.

“We won’t turn around in the workshop if they made a bad decision and tell them off.

"We explore it with them and ask why they did it and what the consequences of their decision could be.”

Round Midnight are working in Bolton schools until April 1.