A stolen Range Rover has today been found by police officers who say they have now returned the car to its rightful owner.

The car was found by community support officers from Greater Manchester Police’s Bolton West division on Friday March.

No arrests have been reported in connection with the initial theft of the car.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said: “Another day, another stolen vehicle recovered.

“Our neighbourhood PCSO’s have located another stolen vehicle.

“This Range Rover has been returned to the owner.”

This comes after a string over recent thefts of Range Rovers was reported across the Bolton and Bury areas over the last month.

Following the recovery of the stolen car on Friday, police have also released guidance on how owners can avoid thefts in future.

These include keeping vehicles locked, keeping keys safe, to be aware that people may still try to seal cars when they are occupied by drivers and to park responsibly.

Owners have also be warned to be on the look out for illegal tow trucks, to fit good in-car security locks, to double-check electronic locking, to make sure their license plates have not been cloned and if their vehicle has engine management diagnostic port, to consider fitting a lockable cover.