A CYCLE enthusiast has been left with the heartbreaking decision to sell his business after more than 30 years.

After John Spencer was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, it began to get worse for him to the point he began to "really struggle" with simple jobs.

He opened Green Machine in Horwich in 1991, and he is hoping that it can continue to be a bike shop when it changes hands.

He said: “I have loved every moment of it, but I am really struggling.

“I have worn my hands, and my joints are in pain, and I can’t do the job I have always done.

“And unfortunately, although we are very busy, there is not enough money to employ someone so I can take a backseat and let someone else run it.”

Before his diagnosis, John was a keen cyclist and enjoyed mountain biking.

He says he is very much an outdoors type of person and will more than likely continue with walks and mountain climbing, once the business is sold.

The Bolton News: John doing what he does best in MallorcaJohn doing what he does best in Mallorca

He added: “I have had a fair crack at this for a while now.

“I believe everything happens for a reason.

“This is not the end, and this is the start of something else.

“I could battle on for another few years, but as it gets worse and worse, what would that do?”

Many of his customers are loyal and have been purchasing bikes, getting them repaired, and more, since the shop opened.

Horwich, Chorley, and Rivington are home to a large cycling community, and John and his customers are very much a part of that.

He said: “My customers need somebody to run the bike shop, which has been here for over 30 years.

“They came in as children and now they are adults with their children.

“I would like to be able to pass it on to somebody.

“Most of my customers’ are old customers and have time on their hands and need someone to maintain their bikes.”

The Bolton News: Green Machine owner makes heart-breaking decision to sell business after more than 30 yearsGreen Machine owner makes heart-breaking decision to sell business after more than 30 years

One of John’s highlights was helping design the course for mountain biking during the Commonwealth Games in 2002.

He added: “It was a huge success.

“We have done all sorts over the years, including the Festival of Racing in Horwich, which we have helped sponsor over the years.

“It is a good strong area, with a lot of cycling clubs.”

If you are interested in the business, contact John either via info@greenmachinebikeshop.co.uk or call 01204 696831.