BOLTON Pride will be the toast of the borough  - quite literally.

For a limited-edition gin has been launched to celebrate the annual festival.

Bolton Pride has large upcoming events this year for the first time since the start of the pandemic, so to celebrate in style, they have collaborated with the Bolton Gin Company to create a Candyfloss flavoured gin to raise funds.

And at an exclusive event on April 11, residents from across the borough are invited to taste the gin for the first time whilst also enjoying a night of entertainment.

Residents are invited to attend the launch at Bar Four in the Vaults from 5pm until 11pm.

Speaking about the collaboration, Kev Wright, Bolton Pride Festival Director, said: "Pride events have not been able to take place because of the pandemic, but this year they can.

"So, I approached Paul and asked if we could work together, I first asked if he would sponsor us but now we have collaborated.

"We are very excited for the gin and the collab with Paul. It's lovely to have a private company that wants to collaborate on this level.

The Bolton News: New gin for Bolton PrideNew gin for Bolton Pride

"I think it's very exciting, I only took over Bolton Pride in March and it's come about really quickly."

Rob Wright, Associate Festival Director, said, the collaboration will help raise the profile of the events.

He said: "I think it's a fantastic collaboration because it builds partnerships and raises the profile of Bolton Pride but also Bolton Gin Company.

"Covid forced us all into a corner and Pride hasn't been the same, so we want to put it back on the map.

"I think the partnership is fantastic."

The gin bottles are priced at £24.99 and £5 from each bottle will go to Bolton Pride.

They will be launched on April 11 and will only be on sale until September.

Paul Welch, the owner of Bolton Gin Company, said the company is proud to promote Bolton Pride.

He said: "We are proud to be able to promote love and diversity across Bolton and beyond.

"We decided to make the label say 'Made with Love and Pink Rainbows' to highlight the gorgeous pink shimmer but to also highlight the flavour which is Candyfloss.

"Bolton Gin Company have always tried to work with charities from Bolton and once we met the Pride team we knew we had to get involved.

"They are as passionate about promoting acceptance and fun as we are.

"The official bottle launches at Bar Four in the Market Place Vaults which should be an amazing night.

"We hope to be able to raise lots of money for the Pride event as each bottle will see a £5 donation made to Bolton Pride."

This isn't the only thing Bolton Pride is looking forward to, they are getting ready for the parade which is back after two years.

The dates are to be confirmed for both the parade and the Bolton Pride festival.

Bolton Gin Company and Bolton Pride have also collaborated to bring out a gift set of five bottles, with more on this to be revealed soon.