A INDIAN Resturant has unveiled its new look afte a huge refurbishment and new menu.

The dining area has revamped with new dishes on the menu.

They include king prawn Jaipur, - a seashell delight, black truffle naan, and Lagan’s tawa karahi.

The inside has dim lights and dark walls with cherry blossom trees as the statement pieces around the dining room.

The Bolton News: LaganLagan

Owners Raj Das, Moyna Dey and Robi Das have been working together for over 35 years and established it in early 2006 in the heart of Ladybridge.

Raj  said: “Our talented chefs were instrumental with the design of the new menu, with Moyna at the heart of the change.

“Moyna - a retired head chef of the previously known Amir Restaurant, has been keen to modernise traditional classics and experiment with fusion based cooking.

“The dishes were trialled initially on family and regular customers, all received extremely well before being launched on the new menu. “

The feedback for the new look has been good.

The Bolton News: LaganLagan

Cherry blossom trees are a popular interior design in restaurants like the famous Indian Chinese luxury Tattu in Manchester and various other locations as well as the Oodles N’oodles chain.

Raj said: “It’s a sign of a new era for Lagan. Our loyal customer base have loved the changes so far and we can't wait to greet new friends.

“We are always looking at new ways to modernise Indian cuisine and feel this is one step towards achieving that. The interiors have been modernised.”

The Bolton News: LaganLagan

During the three-month refurb, Lagan decided to stay open rather than close, but acted as a takeaway instead.

Raj said: “We always wanted to expand the Indian cuisine further and having a total relaunch has helped us achieve this.

“We loved the idea of modernising our restaurant and breathing new life into our long-standing reign.

“Having established in early 2006, we knew it was time to bring something new to the table. Our old method always worked, but we decided to take a risk into trying something new.”

The  restaurant  on Broadgate in Ladybridge, Bolton.