HALLOWEEN has arrived earlier than expected in a part of Westhoughton, which apparently is no stranger to ghostly visitors.

Strange noises were heard in Westhoughton Market Hall, and now there is talk it could be a voice not of this earth.

The ghostly noise was heard at about 11pm last night.

The market is thought to be haunted, with traders often hearing strange noises adding they know the ghosts are here' but understandably too spooked to interact with the them, in case of upsetting the spirits.

The spooky sounds can be heard on the market’s CCTV footage halfway through, which echoes slightly afterwards.

Now, an "investigation" is underway to figure out what actually made the sound.

Westhought Market said: “The Westhoughton Market stall holders are extra vigilant with their CCTV monitoring.

"Last night at 11pm, Rae Catherall off Olstar Gifts received a sound notification on her CCTV which she sent to the work’s Facebook messenger group, to see if anyone could identify."

Images have also previously been captured on camera, which show some bright white dots - known as "orbs".

To those in the know this usually means that a spirit is present.

The  market is such a hive of spiritual activity that ghost hunters have wanted to do their own investigations.

But some residents were cynical.

They linked it to vehicle engines, including a motorbike, or a car revving its engine.

Chelsea Anne Jolley said: “Sounds like a car revving its engine, driving past.”

Ruth Clensey said: “Sounds like a motorbike to me.”

Staff at Westhoughton Market said: "We’ve heard lots of stories of the ghosts that haunt Westhoughton Market so are interested to see if anyone has any ideas of what the noise could possibly be."