A BUSINESS owner has been left overjoyed after it was revealed that a car park, which was expected to close, will now stay open.

The Bolton News reported how the owner of Dawsons Academy of Dance, Dawn Dawson, was considering closing after 35 years, due to the closure of a car park that parents use as a drop off area.

However, Barry Grundy- who has owned the car park and leased it out to various clients for 40 years – has said that it was only closed for the day whilst management changed hands.

He said: “I would like you to inform all your readers and clients of Dawn's, that the car park is not closed, it was only closed for the one day, whilst NCP moved off as their tenancy came to an end.

“At present, it is being run by me, at very favourable rates, until my newly appointed management company Horizon, have had time to install their machines, although their app for long term parking is already up and running.

“Having sent my partner's daughter to Dawn's for many years, I understand the parking problems her clients are enduring.

“I wish Dawn all the best in her continued business and hope the information I am sending you will be passed on to her and all your readers.”

Dawn has welcomed the news and hopes that her business will still be able to continue, despite the uncertainty she is faced with in the town centre.

She added: “It’s really positive that it’s open and I hope this means that we can keep going and see the children grow in confidence and throughout their life.

“Funding has been an issue for the arts with more and more cuts, so it’s important to also keep funding this and making it available and accessible, because our students work so hard, and this is their life.

“I am hanging on really, but town centre businesses need that support and there needs to be a balance between people living in the town, pleasure and businesses.

“It’s a wonderful thing to be part of, but really hard to survive, but I am hopeful.”

There is currently someone accepting money at the car park next to the disabled side on Back Cheapside during peak times.

This is just a temporary measure until machines are installed by the management company Horizon.

Customers have been asked to use the Horizon app rather than the NCP app since it is no longer operated by them.