RADIO 1 DJ Jordan North thinks he might have been conned at a luxury watch boutique after handing his watch in for repair.

Talking on his podcast which helps people overcome dilemmas, Help I Sexted My Boss, Jordan told co-host William Hanson that the watch, which had been a 21st birthday present from his father, had been handed in for maintenance at the "official store".

However, Jordan remarks that all of the staff were wearing suits, yet he gave his watch to a "man wearing jeans" who "left out of the front door". 

Jordan did not say what the watch was specifically, but he has been seen regularly wearing a Breitling on a black leather strap.

He said: "I've taken my watch in for repair but I think I've been conned.

"I handed it in and then he didn't really do much. I walked out and I've not received an email and I called the shop and they were like, 'no-one called David works here'.

"I don't even think I got a receipt. I've not paid anything, he's just got my watch.

"Be honest, if I had a watch and you were a conman, you'd see me coming from a mile off. I was asking about his kids and everything!

"They said they'd ring me back but that was two days ago so I don't know where this watch is.

"Everyone else had a suit on and he was in jeans," to which William replied, "You're never seeing that watch again."

Trying to see the funny side, Jordan made several jokes about the unfortunate goings-on but said he was upset and that the watch had significant sentimental value.

William asked if when Jordan handed the watch in, the man who took it walked towards the back of the store, or out of the front.

Jordan laughed and said: "No he ran off out of the front door. Don't laugh, it's not funny!"