A new stall offering a variety of “witchy” products like crystals, jewellery and runes is setting up in Bolton town centre next week.

On Monday the Market Place shopping centre will be welcoming Diva’s Cauldron, which also sell spell jars, candles and melt to its premises.

This comes with the town centre mall hoping to attract more local independent traders to its space.

A statement from the Market Place said: “We look forward to welcoming Diva’s Cauldron to Market Place this Monday April 11.

“Emma brings high quality products at reasonable prices including crystals, crystal jewellery, candles, melts, incense, incense holders and many more spiritual items.”

“Why not pop down, say hi and show your support to a company built on a love of helping people.”

Diva’s Cauldron, run by Emma Stephens, started off by selling herbal teas in Bolton before expanding to also offer jewellery and spell jars “for all your metaphysical and witchy needs.”

This comes as the Market Place and other venues aim to encourage more business in the shopping centre itself and in Bolton town centre more generally in a bid to revive the town’s economy.

Examples of independent businesses at the shopping centre have included food stalls, bakery stands, smaller news-stands and clothing stalls.