The number of people in hospital with Covid in Bolton has dropped dramatically.

The town is continuing to see a fall in the number of cases and the death rate has remained the same.

Figures from Public Health England show that there had been 96 people taken into hospital in Bolton as a result of the virus over the previous seven days.

The figure is down from 129 in the week before this, which is a drop of 25.6 per cent.

Nationally hospitalisations are dropping at a slower rate of 14.4 per cent.

In the last week Bolton has recorded 533 positive tests for the virus, which is a fall of 14.2 per cent from the previous seven days.

During this time there have been nine deaths in Bolton which came within 28 days of a positive test for the virus.

The figure is the same as the previous week meaning the death rate is not moving currently.

Nationally cases are dropping at a rate of 31 per cent and deaths at 31.3 per cent.

The rate of Covid in the centre of Bolton stands at 159.4 which is well below the national average of 299.5.