A collection of bottles and cans of alcohol have been confiscated from two beggars this weekend.

The alcoholic drinks were taken off the beggars by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Bolton South Neighbourhood Officers outside Asda on Brackley Street in Farnworth town centre on Saturday afternoon.

The officers say that as well as confiscating the drinks they told the two beggars that their behaviour would not be tolerated.

A GMP spokesperson said: “These bottles and cans were confiscated from two beggars outside Asda, Farnworth this afternoon by Neighbourhood officers.

“The offenders have been warned that their behaviour in and around Farnworth town centre will no longer be tolerated.”

No other fines or sanctions handed down to the two beggars have been reported.

An image supplied by police from the scene shows a total of six bottles of various brands along with a can were confiscated from the beggars.

This comes amid wider concerns about anti-social behaviour in Farnworth and across the borough of Bolton more broadly in recent months.

As such, officers have moved to crackdown on low level offences such as street drinking like the case reported this afternoon.

Anyone concerned about such behaviour in their communities can contact police by calling 101 or 999 in the event of an emergency.