A CHIDREN’S play area is being targeted by vandals and fly tippers.

In recent months vandals have set fire in the grounds of Pilkington Park in Kearsley, which is popular with families.

Play equipment has been damaged and large amounts of disgusting rubbish have been left in the area.

Just this week the play area was left in a state after rubbish was tipped there.

Fly tipping has been a constant issue in both Farnworth and Kearsley for some time with local litter pickers out daily making sure areas are cleared up.

Cllr Tracey Wilkinson said the fly tipping and vandalism at the park is becoming too frequent and she has contacted the Neighbourhood Policing Team on multiple occasions.

She said: "I am disheartened and disappointed that Pilkington Park is continually being targeted.

"In the recent months we've had a fire, vandalism of new bins, fly tipping, excess litter and damage to play equipment.

"Each time I have expressed my concerns to our Neighbourhood Policing team asking them to be a visible presence on the park.

"These mindless acts affect other residents who use the park and playground and we don't want to see families stop using our local park.

"I want to personally thank residents and those at the bowling club who continually clear up litter and broken glass and I want to encourage residents to continue to report anti social behaviour to the police."

One resident said: "This is disgusting, it's about time people started taking responsibility for their actions and the parents of feral kids need to wake up."

Litter pickers from Farnworth, Kearsley and New Bury are continually out and about in the area cleaning up the mess others make.

Just this week, Farnworth and Kearsley Litter Pickers, North Bolton Litter Pickers, Highfield Litter Pickers, Doe Hey Litter Pickers and Astley Bridge Litter Pickers cleared 170 bags full of rubbish at Rupert Street, Great Lever.