An Emmerdale producer has teased some "huge" details for the soap's 50th-anniversary special episodes this autumn.

Laura Shaw has said that these episodes will begin in October, and promised to bestow each of the ITV show's characters with "a little bit of limelight".

Speaking to the Radio Times she said: "Of course, we're still planning for our huge 50th golden birthday in the autumn, think we're all really absolutely giddy about it here.

"It's just a big chance to show everything that we do best, to make sure every single one of our wonderful characters in the show gets a little bit of limelight.

The Bolton News: Emmerdale's 50th anniversary specials will begin in October (PA)Emmerdale's 50th anniversary specials will begin in October (PA)

"There is definitely going to be something for everyone there and can't really tell you much more about that as obviously, it's a while away."

Emmerdale producers previously teased that the special week in October may also include familiar faces returning to the Dales, explosive stunts and the arrival of a baby.

Meanwhile, before that event occurs there is another special set of episodes set to begin airing from May 9, with what is being named Flashforward week.

This will feature major storylines, exciting cliffhangers and stunts that have come before in past decades.

Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.