A Bolton spirits company are set to release a new range of pre-mixed drinks.

The Bolton Gin Company, based on Hampson Street in Horwich, will be releasing seven pre-mixed flavours which will come in a handy little sealable plastic bottle, which is also recyclable.

Owner Paul Welsh, 53, is delighted with the new bottles.

He said: “We’ve been looking into pre-mixed for a while now, but most pre-mixed drinks come in cans.

“You can spill a can, but you can’t spill a sealed bottle.”

There are further advantages of the sealed bottle too

Paul added: “Given spiking is a problem, these bottles help stop that too. Nobody can put anything into a sealed bottle.”

%image('13723867', type="article-full", alt="Bolton Gin Company recently collaborated with Bolton Pride on a Candyfloss flavoured gin.")

Paul is also proud of the environmental benefits to the bottles, saying: “We’re the first company to do it in 100 per cent recyclable bottles.”

He thinks there is going to be a strong demand for the bottles.

Paul said: “If we had 10,000 bottles now, we could sell 10,001.

“The reaction to the bottles has been that strong.”

Some of the flavours you’ll be able to buy will be Cola Cube, Blue Raspberry and Blackjack, all being gin mixed with lemonade.

Paul said: “They’ll all be kept in the fridge in the shops, so will be nice and cool.

“It saves having to buy a bigger bottle, instead of that you could just get four of these and you’re set.”

%image('13723882', type="article-full", alt="They also recently opened Bar Four in Bolton Vaults, which Paul said \"looks fantastic\"")

The Bolton Gin Company, which claims they have a larger range of flavours than any other company in the country, have 39 flavoured gins, 18 vodkas, nine rums and nine cocktails.

Paul, who is the sole owner of the company, admits it’s going to be hard work with the release of the new bottles.

They also recently opened a new bar in The Vaults called Bar Four, adding to three other bars they run in the town centre, Horwich and Ramsbottom.

Paul said: “It’s been such a transformation, it looks fantastic. We’re also planning to have a beer garden outside the bar space.”

They also recently teamed up with Bolton Pride to create a Candyfloss flavoured gin to raise funds.