Never afraid to try new things, I am today taking a bite out of the new McSpicy burger from McDonald’s.

Some people like a salad for lunch, but not me – I went down to the McDonald’s on Knowsley Street in Bolton town centre to get a taste of what everyone is talking about.

The burger, which initially came out last summer, returned to franchises nationwide on April 27 and will be in stores until June 7.

I had never heard of the McSpicy, but I was intrigued to try it.

Ordered with a portion of chips and a chocolate milkshake, my burger arrived, looking resplendent in a snazzy red box.

Opening the box, the burger had a reddish-orange tinge to it, and mine came with a nice dent in the bun.

The Bolton News: The McSpicy has a red tinge to it and is accompanied by lettuce and mayo.The McSpicy has a red tinge to it and is accompanied by lettuce and mayo.

So – what did I think?

The burger itself was solid, tasting similar to the burger in the Chicken Legend, but spicier.

It had a crispy texture, complimented by the lettuce which added an extra crunch, but also had a bit of mayo to keep it from being too dry.

I’d say overall a solid offering from the fast-food giant.

Being someone who can’t handle spice to save my life, it did make me hiccup – enter lifesaving milkshake, which neutralises the spice.

But for someone who isn’t a wuss like myself, there is a noticeable amount of spice but it isn’t too hot to handle – think of the medium spice on a Nando’s burger.

The Bolton News: The McSpicy box.The McSpicy box.

What is potentially off-putting, however, is the price of £6.39 for a medium meal with chips and a milkshake, or £5.99 with a fizzy drink.

Comparatively, you could get a fried buttermilk chicken burger with chips and an alcoholic drink from budget pub chain Wetherspoons for £6.45, which also gets you chairs that aren’t made of plastic and an atmosphere with less beeping.

That being said, the McSpicy is still enjoyable, which is the main thing.

The burger arrives alongside give other additions to the menu, including the Grand Big Mac and Grand Big Mac Bacon, Cheesy Garlic Bites, Cadbury Milk Chocolate Flake McFlurry and Cadbury Flake Raspberry McFlurry.

People have also been making their thoughts heard on the burger with the hashtag #McSpicyDebate on Twitter.

But what do you think of the burger? Let us know in the comments below.