Plans are underway to redevelop key facilities at one of Bolton’s best loved nearby beauty spots, with residents encouraged to give their views.

The plans will potentially see changes made to car parking, visitor facilities and signage in order to make Rivington Reservoir more accessible to visitors.

As such, water company United Utilities hopes that people will come forward to help the company shape its proposals for the area.

United Utilities west area catchment manager Matthew Upton said: “Rivington is one of our most popular sites attracting large numbers of visitors.

“Our aim is always to ensure that people who visit our catchment land have an enjoyable, rewarding and safe experience.

“Of course, that applies to local residents, community groups and those that visit from further afield.”

The Rivington area includes the grade II listed Lever Park and attracts more than one million visitors per year.

The reservoir also plays host to community events such as an upcoming performance by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra at Rivington Terraced Gardens.

United Utilities says that at times that puts a strain on the area so the company’s teams have been speaking with local stakeholders to develop an action plan which they hope will improve the experience of visitors and minimise the impact on local residents.

Mr Upton said: “At peak times, the large number of visitors can cause issues, for example badly parked vehicles creating access issues and damaging grass verges and trees, litter issues and other anti-social behaviour.

“During the past 12 months we’ve commissioned surveys and trialled various new measures across the land we own to better understand areas for improvement and from this we’ve developed an action plan.

“Our next step is to share this and get feedback from residents, local community groups, businesses and residents as well as the council and emergency services.

“We will work closely with local organisations such as the Rivington Heritage Trust to implement any new measures to ensure we continue to protect and enhance this resource now and in the future.”

Further details can be found on United Utilities’ website.