A NOISY sheep was on the loose looking for a better patch of grass this morning it seems.

The fluffy mammal could have had a new home, but residents in Horwich were not best pleased with its continuous “baa, baa” at 6:30am.

It cheekily snuck in a neighbour’s garden, with not a care in the world, possibly thinking about its new life outside of the field.

But residents were having none of it and guided the sheep back to its home on the Cotswold Drive field, after they couldn’t find its owner.

A local resident first put a call out to see if anyone had seen the mischievous sheep, asking if anyone could help, expressing her dismay at the noise.

She said: “I woke up and it was outside the house at 6:30am.

“It is back in the field now.

“I knew it came from the nearby field.

“I couldn’t find the owner, so we had to guide it through the ginnel.

“It was so noisy.”

It is not yet known if the sheep will be on the loose again, and whether it will end up bringing its friends, but its not the first time our animal friends have tried to escape.

A few years back, Egerton was invaded by a flock of sheep, so who knows when they will return.