The Bolton News has spoken to people about the issues which they will be thinking of as they head to the polling booth this week.

The elections will take place on Thursday in 20 wards on the local authority.

A third of council seats are up for grabs to see how the balance of power will be affected.

The Conservatives currently run the council in what is described as a confidence and supply arrangement with other parties.

Labour is currently three seats behind them.

And on the streets of Bolton there were many issues on people’s minds, from traffic disruption and building on green space in the town to the NHS, the Irish border and the cost of living.

People who said they  would be voting were asked if it was local or national issues shaping where they would mark their ballot.

The Bolton News:

Barbara Lomax, 83, retired, from Harwood, said: “I am voting Labour, I am a member of the Labour party, I used to go out canvassing for them.

“I lost my husband during lock down.

“They stopped his cancer treatment.

“That is an issue I have with the government.”

The Bolton News:

Arthur Mellor, 67, retired and from Breightmet, said: “I am voting, I will never vote Tory.

“I will be voting for Bolton for Change.

“It is about the state of Bolton.

“It just looks like a lot of the shops are empty, partly that is a national thing, most town centres are the same.”

The Bolton News:

Norman Humphreys, 72, retired and living in the centre of Bolton, said:“I am voting mostly on national issues.

“They have just taken away my triple lock.

“Brexit wasn’t done properly, there is a border with Northern Ireland, in the middle of our country.

“I have been against the Conservatives for many years, Theresa May, David Cameron, but at least David Cameron promised not to take away my triple lock.

“The cost of living is increasing, everything is going up, the increases in my pension will not cover it.

“I will be voting for the Reform Party if they have a candidate.”

The Bolton News:

Doug Summers, the Haulgh, 81, retired, said: “I will be voting on local issues, on these dreadful roadworks.

“I live in The Haulgh, they are up towards Manchester Road From Bolton Street, it seems to have been going on forward with very little to show for it.

“It is something I find objectionable.”

The Bolton News:

Jean Haslam, 75, volunteer from Bradshaw, said: “I will voting on local stuff.

“In the area I live it’s to do with building on land that perhaps should be used more for people to relax in.

“They are taking up green space with so much building.

“Also things to do with social care, especially mental health.

“The council funds things like general wellbeing, I was more particular mental health spending on more specific things for people who have serious mental illnesses.”