The ‘wandering peacocks of Bolton’ have been capturing the imagination of social media users over the past few weeks with numerous sightings of the majestically plumed birds being reported around the town.

And now it seems the birds are becoming a regular feature of the upcoming election campaign with more than one councillor out knocking on doors and delivering leaflets encountering one of the brightly coloured feathered creatures.

A Facebook group ‘The Wandering Peacock of Bolton’ has more than 1,900 members with people affectionately posting pictures and videos of the ‘The Wanderer’s’ whereabouts and antics.

The Bolton News: Coun Nick Peel encounters 'The Wanderer' on Cecil Street.

While out campaigning on April 28 Labour leader Clrr Nick Peel encountered Bolton’s proud, feathered resident.

He said: “There are always some really memorable incidents when out campaigning, but I never thought I’d bump into a peacock.

“There is was merrily minding its own business, on Cecil Street in the Haulgh.

“It brought a smile to everyone’s face as it’s a pretty unusual sight to see among the terraced houses.”

On the same day, while out preparing for the election around five miles away Horwich and Blackrod First Independent Cllr David Grant saw another peacock, this one apparently sporting more luxuriant plumage.

He said : “We had a feathered visitor who came to check out what Horwich and Blackrod First are all about.

“He was having a good munch on the grass.

“The little chap’s been pottering about Horwich showing off his plumage.

“It’s just one of the random things you see when out campaigning around Horwich.”

The Bolton News: Cllr David GrantCllr David Grant

Cllr Grant also encouraged viewers of his Facebook video to come up with a name for the cheeky bird.

The Facebook group describes itself as ‘a page dedicated to our local celebrity peacock ‘The Wanderer’, making his way around areas of North Bolton’.

Sightings in the last week have included Castle Street, Breightmet, Bramcote Avenue and Lower Bridgeman Street along with others spotting the Horwich peacock.