LESS than a fifth of Bolton candidates have answered calls to declare their environmental agenda as of the eve of the election (May 4).

In Bolton, 19.4 per cent – equating to 19 of the 98 candidates standing tomorrow – have accepted the invitation of award—winning environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth Manchester to complete their online survey.

This is only slightly lower than the average rate across the 1,017 candidates in Greater Manchester of 22 per cent.

The answers of the survey are publicly available so that voters are able to see how each party and candidate in their area think about key issues relating to the welfare of the environment.

Number of responses by party in Bolton

Out of its 20 standing candidates, none who are to represent the Conservatives have taken the survey.

The party with the highest number of individuals to respond was Labour, with nine of its 20 laying out their agendas.

The Liberal Democrats also have 20 candidates standing, but just two of them decided to give opinions.

Green has the highest proportion of its candidates reply, however, with six of its eight supplying their answers, a proportion of 75 per cent.

Of the various other parties being represented, of which there are 30 candidates, only two have publicised their agendas.

The Bolton News: Protestors gathered outside Bolton Arena on March 23 this year. Credit: Friends of the Earth ManchesterProtestors gathered outside Bolton Arena on March 23 this year. Credit: Friends of the Earth Manchester

Headline figures based on responses throughout Greater Manchester

  • 93 per cent would support the adoption of the new World Health Organization air quality limits in Greater Manchester.
  • 92 per cent would commit to taking Carbon Literacy training within one year of being elected.
  • 91 per cent support changes to the planning rules to enable more onshore wind energy production.
  • 90 per cent would support expanding the dedicated bus lane network in Greater Manchester. 
  • 90 per cent would do all they can to ensure that every citizen in Greater Manchester has access to green space within 300 metres of where they live.
  • 84 per cent supported a ban on the use of pesticides and herbicides in your local authority area.
  • 73 per cent agreed that Greater Manchester should phase out the use of waste incineration.
  • 72 per cent supported the introduction of a cap on emissions from flights to and from Manchester Airport.
  • 60 per cent supported a ban on pavement parking in your council area.

Ali Abbas, Manchester Friends of the Earth joint co-ordinator said: “We'd like to thank the candidates who took the time to share their views on key issues that affect all our lives, such as air pollution, nature and climate change.

The Bolton News: Ali Abbas. Credit: Friends of the Earth ManchesterAli Abbas. Credit: Friends of the Earth Manchester
"With time for action rapidly running out, the decisions our councillors make in the coming months will be make or break for the health of local residents and the environment.  
“We wouldn’t dream of telling people which way to vote, but we feel local residents deserve to know whether their candidates would put young people first and act now for a sustainable future."

All the information from the survey can be found here.