A LOCAL author has published a prequel to his previous novel which digs into Bolton’s local history.

Turton resident Ged Meila’s third book, ‘A Lancashire Story’, was published on April 28 and is a precursor to ‘Family Business’, his 2020 title.

A local history buff, his latest two novels have been inspired by real historical happenings in the borough.

He also penned a business guide in 2010, although that does not appear in the same genre as his two recent offerings.

Family Business, mostly set in Bolton, tells the historically factual tale of a generation between World War One and World War Two, including “the birth, life and ultimate demise of a local Bolton based business and the lives of people associated with it.”

The business itself became part of British Road Services in 1949, with B&Q now using the Kay Street site where it was based.

The Bolton News: The two book coversThe two book covers

Family Business was published during the first lockdown, which Mr Melia admits was “not exactly the best time for a book promotion”, however the reviews it obtained on Amazon suggest it was well received.

A Lancashire Story, Mr Meila explained, “is also a generational story - 1890 to 1920 - but without as many of the business aspects.

“Starting in Farnworth during the 1890s, it effectively follows the career of a steam engineer through a number of towns and cities across Lancashire, before concluding in Tonge Moor in Bolton around the end of World War One.

“Some contemporary social aspects are dealt with as are a number of events, including the capture of one member of the family at Cambrai in WW1 and his incarceration in Altdamm in Germany.”

He added: “I collect books and ephemera relating to Turton and Bolton, and both my wife and I are members of Turton Local History Society.”

The Bolton News: The 2019 book fair at the BarlowThe 2019 book fair at the Barlow

Mr Melia also organised a book fair at the Barlow in 2019 and has done so again for a second time this year, as the previous two had to be cancelled due to Covid restrictions. The 2022 event takes place on Saturday, June 18.