Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has revealed that it will be shaking up its online delivery service with a huge new change. 

It shared that it will be increasing the annual cost of its 12-month "midweek delivery pass" from £30 to £40 making an impactful increase of £10.

The midweek delivery pass applies to online grocers' orders that are delivered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

But that's not the only increase from the supermarket, as the prices for its six months "anytime delivery pass" from £35 to £40.

The Bolton News: Sainsbury's to increase delivery price. (PA)Sainsbury's to increase delivery price. (PA)

Plus, they've also stopped selling their three-month delivery passes and instead replaced them with monthly passes that cost £7.50  a month for anytime delivery. 

The hiking-up cost comes at a time when many families are struggling financially as the cost of living crisis grows. 

Some customers called out the supermarket for their recent upping of prices as inflation hits a new 30-year recorded high of 7% in March. 

Some customers taking to social media to share their complaints and their consideration to swap supermarkets. 

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson has spoken about the increase saying: “Last year we updated our online groceries services so that we can offer simpler, more flexible ways to shop with us, while still offering great value.”

To use Sainsbury's home delivery customers have to spend a minimum of £40 using a delivery pass.