The tragic brother of four children who were murdered in an arson attack, stashed drugs and phones for fellow prisoners in his prison cell.

In 2019 Kyle Pearson, 21, of no fixed address, was sentenced to four years in a young offenders' institution for robbery and assault.

But Bolton Crown Court heard how, while at HMP Hindley prison, staff found cannabis and mobile phones in his cell.

Colette Renton, prosecuting, told how, on September 9 and 10, 2020 he was caught with 89.9 grams of cannabis, worth more than £17,000.

Numerous iPhones, phone chargers and SIM cards were also found in his possession, as well as tobacco and Rizla rolling papers.

Miss Renton highlighted the impact that illegal items can have in prisons.

She said: “The impact of the presence of illegal drugs in the prison system compromises security and can lead to an increase in crime in prison.”

The court heard that Pearson refused to reveal the names of those he was holding the drugs for because of a fear of reprisals.

Pearson pleaded guilty to possession of controlled drugs and possession of prohibited items in prison.

Martin Pizzey, defending, stressed that Pearson is remorseful, had a difficult upbringing and suffered the death of four of his siblings and his mother in a house fire.

In December 2017, Pearson’s sisters, Demi, 15, Lacie, seven, Lia, three, and brother Brandon, eight, all died in a horrific fire at their home on Jackson Street in Walkden.

His mother, Michelle Pearson, died from her injuries 20 months after she escaped the blaze.

“To lose four siblings and your mother is more than any young man should have to deal with,” Judge Tom Gilbart told Pearson as he jailed him for 32 weeks for the offences in prison.

He added: “Using illegal drugs you ran up large amounts of debt and were threatened by other prisoners due to these debts.

“You had a passive role and reluctantly agreed to hold the items in the cell.”

He added: “You were diagnosed as young and vulnerable to exploitation. You had a difficult upbringing, the children’s services were involved and you were excluded from school."