Three UK has sent out a warning to its customers of a scam that involves picture messages, as well as just text/SMS messages.

Scams imitating texts from delivery services have been common in the last few years, but pictures are now being added to these messages to try and fool people into clicking links.

The message appears in your phone’s built-in messaging app and asks you to download an app so that you can track a parcel or listen to the voicemail.

If you click and download the app on an Android phone, it’ll try to install the app. If the app is installed, the malware contained in the app could intercept text messages or capture online banking details.

Scams have imitating delivery services like DHL as well as Asda, Amazon and Argos.

In a tweet Three UK posted: "We've become aware that the below scam could now involve picture messages (MMS) as well as text/SMS.

"If you receive one like this; Don't click on any of the links Check here for more information & advice about what to do if you receive one."

On their website Three UK recommened to not click the link on theses picture messages and text the word 'FRAUD' to 7726 along with the sender’s number/ID when prompted.

Usual scam messages without pictures can be forwarded on the same number to 7726.

Further information on what to do if you have downloaded the app through the link can be found on their website here.