A new ladies only gym will give women the confidence to lift weights.

Hype Fitness in Bolton focuses on strength and conditioning rather than traditional cardio and runs specialised classes once a day as well as personal training.

Run by husband-and-wife duo Nafisa Dasu and Suhayl Patel, the private facility gym aims to provide women with strength and body coaching.

The gym officially opened on Wednesday, May 8, and classes include – boxercise, kettlebells and HIIT.

The Bolton News:

Suhayl said: “The idea came about in the 2020 lockdown when Nafisa was looking for a gym to train at but she was struggling finding somewhere suitable for her.

“Most traditional gyms were too intimidating for her especially if you’re unsure what to do.

“Women can come to our gym and learn how to train without feeling scared.”

Nafisa wanted to find a gym where she would be able to lift weights without being so conscious of men around her.

Suhayl said: “It’s also an opportunity for people in our community to get into fitness and emotional health as well.

“This may come as a shock but that toned look or that hourglass figure wasn’t crafted on the tread mill, neither was it constructed from doing 100`s of crunches.

“There’s one way to get that look and that’s by doing real workouts combined with the right fuel to push you to better yourself every day.”

The specialist workouts will be regressed for beginners as well so all levels of fitness can be catered to.

Hype Fitness aims to have around 10 classes a week but won’t run as a commercial gym allowing anyone to walk in, as they choose to give women a safter environment.

Trainers can pay as they go if they prefer it over a monthly contract or take up a personal trainer for even more specialist training.

Suhayl said: “We can’t just let anyone walk in and we don’t really use treadmills etc, because that Is already readily available.

“The training we push for is strength and conditioning which people can really implement into their lives.

 “All of our equipment has been carefully selected, from functional tyres to power sleds, our private studio is fully kitted out and incorporates everything you need.”