WARNING: This article contains graphic photographs which some may find too upsetting to see. 

A teenage boy’s life was saved by a group of neighbours after he was left in the road following a devastating moped crash.

Ashton Haslam was travelling on the back of a moped alongside two other friends on Moorside Avenue, New Bury, on Saturday (May 7) when the accident took place.

At around 10.45pm, 16-year-old Ashton was thrown onto the road close to a skip.

His mother, Rachel Longworth, says his three friends rode off and left a badly injured Ashton to be tended by local people.

The Bolton News:

Ashton Haslam

Rachel, a nursing assistant at Royal Bolton Hospital, said: “I was on a night shift and I spoke to Ashton at about quarter to ten that night.

“At a quarter past eleven I’d just sat down on the ward and was ready to start my shift when my phone started ringing and it was Ashton’s phone.

“I wondered why he was ringing me again, but it turned out it was a bloke who said Ashton had been in an accident.”

The Bolton News:

Ashton Haslam lost around six pints of blood

One of the local people to help was Colin Bevon, who has since been able to supply CCTV footage of the accident.

Rachel added: “They saved his life, Colin is an angel, I’m just glad there are still people like him.”

Mr Bevon says he ran to help after hearing the sound of the crash from his garden.

He told The Bolton News: “I didn’t feel like I’d saved his life at the time but that’s what everyone keeps telling me.

 “I kept him talking, just did anything to keep him awake and try and keep him comfortable and to keep him from looking at his wound.”

The Bolton News:

Ashton lost around six pints of blood in the incident

Other neighbours came out to help and Mr Bevon sat with young Ashton while an ambulance was called.

Paramedics arrived at around 11.15pm and Ashton was taken to Salford Royal Hospital.

His condition remains serious having lost six pints of blood. Greater Manchester Police say they have no record of the incident.