An eleven-year-old girl from Ukraine, who fled the war torn country with her mum travelled for two days has arrived in Bolton and is now living with her sponsor family.

Kseniia Vasylchenko and her mum Oksana, fled Ukraine on a 'horrendous' journey, travelling for two days through Poland, across the border before waiting four weeks for visas.

Steve Smith, a resident in Eagley Mills decided to sponsor Kseniia and her mum and they are now starting to feel settled in.

Steve said: "Kseniia and her mum  arrived on May 2.

"They travelled two days to get away from Ukraine, their journey was horrendous.

"They travelled through Poland, across the border, where they got visas.

"They then had to wait four weeks after I agreed to sponsor them before they came over.

"So far we have just been getting them sorted, getting them set up at the doctors and at the job centre and finding a school for Kseniia.

"They are very positive people and so far they're not struggling with anything.

"We visited the job centre to get Oksana Universal Credit, she can't get it until June 10, I'm retired so I can help out but it's a bit disappointing how long these things take.

"They're not asking for special treatment, they're just really happy people.

"Everyday something new happens, they're just happy to be safe and they appreciate everything they recieve."

Steve said he showed the mother and daughter pictures of Egerton before they came over, showing them Dunscar War Memorial.

When they arrived, Steve suggested Kseniia should go to the memorial.

On Sunday Steve, Kseniia and Oksana visited the memorial and Kseniia gave Stacey Jeffries and Cllr Amy Cowen a gift to thank them for welcoming them to the community.

Steve said: "I suggested Kseniia should go to the memorial.

"Before they arrived I sent them pictures of the area and they said it looks beautiful.

"I told them stories about the memorial, and they said they think it is great we have somewhere to commemorate the fallen.

"On Sunday we went to the memorial, I bought a water sprinkler to help with the maintenance and gave it to Kseniia to gift.

"They wanted to give something to the community which welcomed them.

"They love this country, they are stunned by this whole place.

"Even seeing the shops, they appreciate everything they didn't have.

"They have got a feel good factor for life now.

"Hosts have to commit to six months but I told them I don't care if it's six months, 12 months or six years, they can always live with me, there is no pressure for them to find somewhere else.

"They are like family, even only after eight days, the bond we have built is like a family."

Stacey Jeffries a local Firefighter who also voluntarily maintains the gardens at Dunscar War Memorial was delighted to hear that Kseniia wanted to help these efforts.

Stacey said: “It was an absolute pleasure to meet Kseniia at Dunscar War Memorial on Sunday.

"After what has been an incredibly difficult time for her and her family it was pure joy to witness her enthusiasm to help and truly heartwarming to see her happy smiling face.”