Dedicated staff members at Royal Bolton are working hard to make vulnerable patients wishes come true with a new “Wishing Washing Line.”

The Wishing Washing Line works by asking patients to make a wish, which is then written down and hung up on a washing line.

Staff from the hospitals Enhanced Care and Support Team then work their hardest to make sure those wishes, which so far have ranged from visits from family, a birthday doughnut and even a pair of clogs, come true.

ECaST senior practitioner Toni Anderton said: “We want to make sure our vulnerable patients have the most comfortable stay in hospital, especially as the patients we work with are often here for an extended time.

“Even though their wishes may not seem that big, they can make such a big difference.”

The Bolton News:

The Wishing Washing Line

Their efforts have won the praises of senior staff at the hospital.

Deputy chief nurse Angela Hansen said: “All our staff work incredibly hard to provide the highest levels of care for our patients, putting them at the centre of the care they receive.

“Our ECaST team look after some of the most vulnerable people in our community and continually make a huge difference to their lives.

“I’m proud to call them colleagues.”