MEMBERS of the Kurdish community in Bolton have shared their uplifiting experiences of how they have forged lives and careers in the town since arriving.

Many Kurdish migrants have moved to the UK in the middle east in the last two decades, with some moving after fleeing from conflict.

Bolton and the North West as a whole has accommodated a large number of these people, who arrived hoping to build better lives for themselves and their families.

Translator and journalist Rzhwan Amin, who was born in Kirkup in Iraq, arrived in the UK in 2010.

He is a general director of a Bolton-based company that deals with translating, queries about welfare benefits as well as general immigration advice

Rzhwan said: “In the past 10 years, the number of Kurdish people in the UK has increased and that goes back to the autocracy system and the intervention of so-called Islamic State in 2014.

“On the other hand, since then, less people trusted parties and politicians in Iraq.

“Kurds and people from Iraq have settled swiftly within British society and Greater Manchester and particularly those families with children under 16.

“Truly speaking, the Kurdish community is pivotal and energetic in business aspect.

“Many shops, hair salons and restaurants were opened in Bolton after 2015.

"I do think that in 10 years, a second Kurdish generation will be rooted in depth with British community and society.”

The Bolton News:

Translator and journalist Rzhwan Amin

A number of businesses with Kurdish workers are now established in the borough.

Belan Latif Shwanie fled Iraq in 2002 and settled into the UK.

He lives with his partner and two daughters and works at Nigel Langs Garage on Crook Street.

Belan said: "As a car mechanic student at Bolton College, I am so proud for being Kurdish British and my aims are to serve the British society here in Bolton and soon I will become an MOT tester."

The Bolton News:

Belan Latif Shwanie, centre, who works at Nigel Langs Garage, with a colleague, left, and Rzhwan Amin, right

Abdullah Mehed works at Bolton Village Market on Lever Street.

He arrived in the UK in 2001 from Iraq and started to build his life with his young family.

He added: "UK has been a supportive country and we are well-settled here in Bolton."

The Bolton News:

Abdullah Mehed, middle, who works at Bolton Village Market, with a colleague and Rzhwan Amin, right

Hamed Mohammed, who is employed at Quality Halal Meat on Deane Road, said: "As a customer service business, we are pleased to be a part of the British society and thrive in the community."

The Bolton News:

Hamed Mohammed, left, with Rzhwan Amin, second right, and two of his colleagues at Quality Halal Meat