A MURDER trial has begun hearing closing speeches from barristers before a jury decides whether Farnworth man Ali Zain is guilty of killing his 10-month-old daughter Aiman Toor.

Zain, aged 25, has admitted that he covered the baby's mouth with a quilt for around two minutes when she was crying on the bed at his Crompton Street home on November 1, 2019, but denies he intended to harm her.

But after 11 days of evidence at Manchester Crown Court Andrew Thomas QC, prosecuting, told the jury that the baby, who had seven fractured ribs and suffered asphyxia through being smothered and/or crushed, would not have had a peaceful death.

"The contemplation of what he has done is absolutely horrific," he said.

But Mohammed Nawaz QC, defending, stressed that Zain had been a "fully involved and loving father" and is still supported by his wife and her family, who do not believe he killed the baby.

The trial continues.