An Astley Bridge resident has complained about roadworks on a major Bolton junction.

The crossroads of Blackburn Road, Crompton Way and Moss Bank Way are in the midst of roadworks set to last seven months.

However, less than a month into the roadworks which began on April 19, locals are already at their wits' end with the disruption being caused.

Martin Cooper, 77, told The Bolton News about his grievances. He said: "Fifty metres before each set of lights they've reduced three lanes down to one lane. It's absolute chaos.

"If that is to go on for a long time then the council need to rethink it."

Martin, who used to be a civil engineer, highlights how journeys take a lot longer than they used to.

He added: "It took me 30 minutes to get from Tramways Hotel to the junction." The distance between those locations is half a mile.

Martin continued: "It is the strangest traffic arrangement I've ever seen in this country. It needs changing.

"I was stood talking to a friend at the Ashworth Lane junction for 20 minutes, cars that had been queuing there at the start were still there at the end."

He thinks that residents will lose their cool with the junction, saying: "People will only take it for so long. Whichever road you come in on, you get the exact same problem. This is just silly."

Blackburn Road works to last 7 months

Astley Bridge councillor John Walsh spoke to The Bolton News about the issues the roadworks are causing.

He said: "Some phases of the work are causing delays, but when two lanes are reduced into one in four directions you're going to have delays."

John says he has spoken to the engineers about minimising delays.

He said: "I've asked engineers if possible these works are done at off peak times.

"I sympathise with residents, I've had to make journeys through the roadworks and have had the same issues."

He added: "It is a consequence of the works, but it is necessary. I've asked for changes, hopefully it will minimise disruption."

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “The roadworks at Blackburn Road/ Crompton Way/ Moss Bank Way are junction improvement works and are expected to be complete October 2022.

"Improvements include the provision of safe crossings for pedestrians and cycle facilities, as well as improved traffic turning movements that have long been an issue for drivers."

They added: “We’d like to thank drivers for their patience whilst this junction is being improved”.