A Bolton-based mental health project is holding "roadshows" as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Bolton Manbassadors aims to grow a network of borough businesses to act as men’s mental health advocates across Bolton and to support men in accessing the support they require on issues that impact their mental health.

Adam Warbrick, a community developer for Bolton at Home, set up the Manbassadors project in an effort to reduce stigma around men’s mental health.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, the project is holding "roadshows", as Adam calls them, to try and garner more Manbassadors around Bolton.

He said: “What we’re trying to do is reach as many men as possible and normalise that conversation around mental health, and the roadshows are a big part in that.

“We went to Farnworth town centre, Bolton FM and Kings Gym on Tuesday.”

Adam believes that Mental Health Awareness Week can help the Manbassadors in their goal.

He said: “With Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re doing these roadshows trying to get as much out there as possible.”

He believes the stigma of mental health among men is something that needs addressing, but it is something Manbassadors can help with.

Adam said: “When they’re poorly people call a doctor, but when it comes to mental health men aren’t doing that.

“Manbassadors is about having that network who can point you in the right direction. I’m not clinically trained, but I can direct you to help.

He added: “It’s about having guys know that ‘I can come here if I need to.’ Whether it’s a barber or a gym or a football club, it’s about that friendly face in a safe space.”

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The Bolton Manbassadors project is something Adam hopes can exist for a long time.

He said: “We ran the pilot between June and December last year and then dialled it back until additional funding could be secured.

“But now we’ve secured the funding, the Mental Health Awareness Week is a good way to start it off.”

Bolton Manbassadors will be at Great Lever UCAN at the Slaterfield Centre on Carrington Drive between 10.30am and 12pm on Friday, May 13.

If you’re struggling with your mental health, you can email Bolton Manbassadors on boltonmanbassadors@boltonathome.org.uk.